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Tennant’s special

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

So David Tennant has decided to hang up his trainers and regenerate into a relative dimension of obscurity. I wasn’t thrilled by this news at first, and was originally going to call this post “God is Dead”. But that would perhaps have been a slight overreaction…

I think he’s right - as Russell T Davis and Julie Gardner are both leaving as well this seems like a good time to go, which will let Stephen Moffat have a clear run to do his own thing. There’s also the ol’ “get out-while the going is good aspect”; it would be a shame if he had done a few more series that just didn’t live up to what has gone before. Although I guess the specials still to come could be as bad as last year’s Christmas episode.

Anyway, obviously the big question is Who next? (that pun has been used before, and will be used again). My criteria for how to choose the next Doctor (purely from a personal point of preference) would be as follows:

  • Someone older - I don’t necessarily mean William Hartnell old, but just someone who is a bit less, well, young and er… hip. Someone who can’t just run about all the time. The old Doctors were always a bit more of a father-figure to his companions rather than a buddy I reckon, and it might be good to get back to this a bit. It would also remove any possibility of another romance, which would be a good thing (keep the love of Rose pure!)
  • Someone with a spooky edge - having recently watched some of the old Tom Baker episodes recently, one of the things that made him stand out was that his Doctor was a strange fellow. You feel like you never know what he’s going to do next, and there’s something about his grin that can be rather chilling. He also wasn’t that nice to all his companions the whole time, and in fact was down-right nasty to some. Crazy eyes too.
  • Someone who can act - Tennant and Ecclestone are both actual, real actors, and that give the whole thing an edge of quality that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. There’s always the slight fear that they’ll get in a familiar face, someone young, sexy, and popular, just for the sake of it. So not Russell Brand then…
  • Perhaps someone a bit more serious (within reason) who doesn’t have the constant excitable, nervous energy that both Doctors 9 and 10 had.
  • Someone who isn’t James Nesbitt.

Ultimately I just want someone who is a bit different to what has gone before. And who isn’t James Nesbitt.

The BBC Website has published a list of the top rated candidates and I may as well give them the once over. Let’s look at the front runners:

Paterson Joseph - Like it, like it a lot. He’s quite a big guy, has an awesome voice and plenty of gravitas. I reckon he could also do spooky and intense very well. Obviously there would be plenty said on the fact that he would be the first black doctor, but it surely makes no difference at all. There was talk previously of a female Doctor (can Time Lords change gender, oh geeks out there?) and even rumoured at one point that Billy was going to get the role. Nightmare! Anyway, he’s the favourite with the bookies, and I would be more than pleased if he got the job.

David Morrissey - He’s actually a bit of an unknown quantity for me. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid all the things he’s been in, but I’ve heard only good comments. So I can’t say much more until after the Christmas episode…

Sean Pertwee - I had heard all the others being mentioned before in rumour and small talk, but this one took me by surprise today. And I’m loving it. He also has a great voice (see Equilibrium for details), and great screen presence, and has a slightly mean edge to him that could be awesome. And he’s hard as nails, which would be different.

James Nesbitt - No. No no no no no no no. Seriously. No. Stop that. It’s almost unthinkable. It would just be James Nesbitt in a scarf. No. Alan Davies has been mentioned numerous times in the past and I would be just as against him too. They’re both too famous and familiar, and in every other bloody thing on TV.

Just… no.

Russell Tovey - Once again a relative unknown for me. He was good in the Christmas episode (considering how bad most of it was) but really is just too young for me to agree with.

James McAvoy - Surely he’s too busy with his Hollywood career to do Doctor Who? He also doesn’t do well against my criteria above, but he would probably be okay. I just don’t see it happening.

I’m trying to think of who I would pick, apart from either Mr Joseph or Pertwee. Well, Trevor McDonald is leaving News at Ten, and he does fall into some of my criteria… perhaps not.

Send me you thoughts and suggestion please, in the usual way.

Heroes and Villians

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

As mentioned in my previous ramble, Heroes season 3 has started. And what a great start it was - enough so that I feel the need to document my thoughts on the subject. However, this is pretty pointless for any of you, as either you watch the show and will know what happened, or don’t and therefore don’t know or care what I’m writing. So stop reading this and go and do something better instead. Like watching Heroes…

SPOILERS AHOY!! If you have any intention of watching Heroes and you haven’t seen up to Season 3, Episode 2 LOOK AWAY NOW!

Righty ho. So you’re the makers of Heroes and you want to set up the new series. What to do? Well, as every seasoned seasonal programme-maker knows, with each new year you need to up the ante. More baddie, harder to kill baddies, and the best method - make some of the goodies turn into baddies! By which I don’t mean a fight to the death between Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie. Not that I wouldn’t watch that too…

Nope. It looks as if various of our favourite Heroes are going to turn to the dark side. They’re still trying to make Peter seem edgy and deep, but I still think he is, well, rubbish. Just because he has a scar, speaks in a slightly gravelly voice, and frowns even more than previous doesn’t make him hard. Or interesting.

The big season 2 cliffhanger was of course Nathan being gunned down, just as he was  about to reveal the truth about himself. I must admit that although I seem to feel the need to fill up the Interweb with my own cluttered thoughts about the show, I don’t actually go looking for other peoples (mainly because I don’t what to know what’s going to happen until I’m actually watching the episode). But I can imagine that there were many a comment online about who the gunman (or woman) might be over the summer break. And let’s face it, it could have been anyone at all. My guess would have been Nikki, as it would have been the most surprising. Or a Nathan from the future. Who’d have guessed? Probably lots of people actually. Okay, the least likely option was probably Molly, but that’s because she’s 10.

But no, it was Peter from the future. Great. At least Mrs Petrelli seems to be getting plenty of screen time this year, and we’ve finally been told what her power was (and it should have been obvious really). An interesting side note from this week’s broadcast that Bob’s power seemed to be turning things to gold. Not very sure what Syler is going to do with that one. (I did warn you there would be spoilers…)

Just thinking through the other characters… Claire - looking hot, all dark hair and leather, in the future, sadly still rather whinny in the present. But I have to say the scenes with her and Syler in the first episode were particularly good. As for the man himself, it’s nice to have him back properly, but I can’t help but wonder (and worry) how much he’s going to be in this year as surely Zachary Quinto has been too busy wearing pointy ears and being all logical? I’d look online, but it might spoil something…

Anyway, it seems from his actions towards Claire in the first episode, along with Mrs Petrelli’s dream in the second, that they are going to show that Sylar isn’t just “evil” for the sake of it. He just enjoy killing n’ stuff for the sake of it. Unlike the Bad People who have been released from the holding cells, who are Bad, and do Bad things, like burning people and stealing cars. Wow. And now Peter is mixed up with them and he doesn’t know WHAT to do. How about just not going with them you wet git?

Other folk: Parkman - randomly in the middle of Africa. This will obviously end up being connected more than we can guess to the main storyline, in a Hiro in Ancient Japan sort of way. We’ll just have to wait and see. And I still think Greg Grunburg is the dude and he can do whatever he wants.

Mohinder - seems to have turned into Spider-man, including the mutation storyline. Yet he’s still a bit dull, despite being superpowered and sharing all his scenes (and fluids) with a hottie. She, Maya, is even more pointless than last year, but I should probably give her time. And she’s better than…

Nikki - oh bloody hell. They brought her back from the dead. Or did they? Is she other aspect of Nikki/Jessica? Or someone else entirely? Who knows? Who cares? Nae me laddie, nae me. No sign of Mika yet, and if Monica isn’t in this year then she was officially The Most Pointless Character Ever.

Nathan - quite liking it so far, and more Linderman can’t be bad. I was also very pleased to see Bruce Boxleitner back on the box (sorry, too easy). For those of you who don’t know (ie all of you, unless Ewen is reading this) he was Commander, and latterly, President Sheridan in Babylon 5. Of all the geeky things I’ve ever watched, it is the most geeky… Anyway, he’s the guy playing the Governor in Heroes. Not the world’s greatest actor, but he’s got a certain Clinton like quality to him that makes him seem like a convincing and likable politician type. By which I mean Bill, not Hillary, by the way.

I’ve not mentioned Hero and Ando yet. Well, I always like them really, but it’s hard to get particularly interested in another Quest set by Destiny. Ando developing powers and turning evil? Could either be exciting and emotional as the two former friends battle it out, or could be the shark-jumping moment Heroes has often threatened to waterski towards (if you don’t get the rather mangled metaphor, read this). But a “formula that could destroy the world” sounds suspiciously similar to the disease that could destroy the world last time around. Is it going to be the same power-giving formula that Mohinder has developed? Probably. Will Ando turn evil? Probably not. Only time will tell (pun intended).

So, in conclusion… er… I don’t know. The first episode was great and started up some interesting storylines. The second episode just seemed to add in more questions and intrege, without actually moving the story on much. Still, there’s plenty more to come…

Things can only get similar

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Once again I seem to have failed to write anything for a few weeks, and once again I seem to be apologising for it. So sorry, once again, for my lack of posts. To make up for it I will write 9 posts a day, every day, for the next eight thousand years. Honest.

Anyway, the main reason for posting or not is whether or not I have something to say. And quite frankly right now there is plenty to be said about world events (and more to the point, the new series of Heroes has started - more on that later…).

The big issue at present is of course the slow and delicate collapse of capitalism. Or so the media would have us believe. I am not going to write lots about this as I definitely know less than many people about this subject and don’t want to waste your time…

Actually, I tried to write something but ended up with 8 of the most banal, obvious, and embarrassing simplistic paragraphs you’ve ever read, and I had to delete them before I vomited in self loathing. Read this article and you will get an idea of what I entirely failed to even approach in saying. I even tried to write a mocking paragraph about how rubbish they were and it was almost as bad. Let us not speak of this again children.

Instead… I’ll talk about the American election! Hey, no one else has said or written anything on this! I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty of original and witty comments. Honet.

The point has been raised a number of times over the past 8 years that once Mr Bush is no longer the Big Man, the political satirists are going to have a much tougher time. Now, I’ll lay my fairly obvious cards on the table and say that I do want Obama to win, but if he does The Daily Show won’t be nearly as good for the next 4 years. Or will it…

Remember back, if you will, to 1 May 1997. The sun seemed to be just that little bit brighter than it had been for the past 18 years, and most people thought it was shining out of the arse of a certain Mr Tony Blair. Please try and remember this without cynicism - we all* thought that this really was going to be a great thing, a new Britain, possibly even a New Britain. Things could only get Better, etc etc.

Let’s also remember that since then we’ve gained a minimum wage, devolution in Scotland and Wales, er… ASBOs? Um… they repealed the law that meant you could be hanged for treason or piracy. Er, I’m sure there were a few other good things that I was going to mention but I can’t remember what they are now. The Olympics? Please use the comment box below to help me out…

But my point is that if Obama gets the comfy seat in the Oval Office it won’t herald a new dawn of common sense and fairness, greater freedoms and equalities, less wars and terror, a world where all of mankind work together towards a glorious future, of countrymen lending others their ears… you get the point. I just don’t think it will make a huge difference, that’s all I’m saying. That’s the problem with democracy - we spend all this time choosing who to put in charge and then we just complain when they get it wrong. But as someone clever sort (Churchill no doubt) once said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried.

Anyway, at least things can’t get any worse. Unless we end up with a certain President Palin.

(* apart from the 3 people in Surrey who actually voted Tory that year)