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Regeneration X

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Just a quick post about the new Doctor Who - Mr Matt Smith.

There’s not much I can really add to the thousands of column inches and Internet posts that are no doubt being produced right now but I though I should thrown in my two cents…

I like the look of him - I thought I should get that out the way first. Secondly, I love the fact that he was never mentioned as a possible candidate, although I’m kind of kicking myself now that I never realised that the most likely person was someone that they had purposefully kept secret. Let’s face it, it was never going to be Catherine Zeta Jones…

While I normally find it best to ignore myself when it comes to such things, I’ve had a look back at my previous post on how I would like the next Doctor to be. So let’s compare Mr Smith to my criteria, based solely on the 2 minutes or so he was on-screen being interviewed:

1. Older - oh dear. Not only is he the youngest ever, but he’s younger than me. Weird. However, as Stephen Moffat said, he does have an old edge to him somehow, so I’ll give him half a point.

2. Spooky - he does seem to have a natural weirdness to him. One of my friends commented that he is kind of ugly, with another saying that he looks a bit like a neanderthal. Harsh. A Brother of the Bob also said that he looks like an alien. So he’s a weird, ancient, ugly alien. That’s pretty spooky and has to be worth a point, plus a couple of bonus points.

3. Acting ability - from the brief clips shown, and on the advice of The Flatmate of The Bob who actually saw the Party Animals programme that he was in, it seems that he’s very good. He was also in the History Boys in the West End so he has stage experience which seems like a good thing. Even just the way he was talking about working on the part pleased me, so I’ll give him a bonus point.

4. More serious - impossible to know until he’s done a few episodes. This is obviously going to be down to the scripts more than anything else anyway, but he does seem quite intense in his style (from the extremely limited number of clips I’ve seen). Half a point.

5. Not James Nesbitt - He’s not James Nesbitt! Huzzah! 5 points!

Which gives him a score of 11. And he’s the 11th Doctor. So I’ve scientifically proven that he’s the right choice! Genius.

Ignoring indisputable maths for a minute, ultimately the success of the 11th Doctor will come down to more than just a man himself. The scripts, the production, the music, not to mention the supporting cast, are just as important (let’s face it, the first series would have been far less good without Billy). But the Companion issue is interesting. The Brother of The Bob also pointed out that it would be a bit weird now with Captain Jack in it, with him being (or at least appearing) so much older than The Doctor. That said, it would also be weird with a younger female companion, like Rose or Martha, as they will basically be the same age. So it’s hard to know which way they’ll go on that one. Personally, I hope they have a couple of Companions like some of the previous ones had.

It’s all still rather far away though, as we won’t seem him in action for about 15 months. I should probably be giving more thought to 2009 instead of worrying about next year…

(Oh, and I realise that the title of this post would have worked much better if he was the 10th Doctor. Damn it!)