In a half-shell…

So season 2 of Heroes finished last night on BBC2. And it was… alright really. I guess I better say at this point that if you haven’t watched seasons 1 and 2, and have any intention of doing so, look away now. SPOILERS AHEAD as they say…

Right, where was I? Ah yes, my pointless thoughts on season 2:

I quite liked the stuff with Hiro in medieval Japan. I wasn’t really sure where it was going at first (except guessing straight away that he would end up being the real Kensei) but the introduction of the always entertaining David Anders was a welcome addition. (for the record, he’s from Oregon - if you thought he was really British then shame on you, shame!) This did, of course, all come together beautifully with the big plot twist that he was (seriously, look away now) Adam. This lead him to hook up with Peter…

The best thing I can say for Petrelli jr this year was at least he had cut off that annoying fringe. But he was still a complete wet, even when kicking arse. I get that he’s meant to be like the anti-Sylar; he has all the power but doesn’t want to use it. He just wants to be a real boy. All the stuff in “Ireland” was kind of slow and just felt like another bunch of episodes featuring Milo Ventimiglia’s “confused” face. “What do you mean I’ve can heal/shoot lightning/fly/dance like Michael Jackson? ” Maybe that last one didn’t happen…

Anyway, the reason I put Ireland in brackets above wasn’t just because of the horrible stereotyping, but also because of the terrible accents. Just woeful. Now, I’m no good at doing accents at all (in fact, I’ve just bought a book to help me with that very thing, but more on that later…) but I’m not in a million-dollar-an-episode show. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get actual Irish people to play the Irish people. That must be one or two good out of work Irish actors kicking around Hollywood who would have jumped at the chance. Equally, Mohinder is played by an American and Ando by a Korean who can’t speak any Japanese. Weird.

Back to the show. Mohinder was nearly alright, considering how bad he was in the first series, and at least got his rage on a bit. I liked all the stuff with Parkman finding out about his Pa being a baddie, while trying to be a good surrogate dad to to Mollie. But then I think Greg Grunburg is the man (and if any of you are Alias fans I’m sure you do too; a factoid about Mr Grunburg - he’s in a band called “The Band from TV” with, among others, Terri Hatcher, Jesse Spencer, and Hugh Laurie!)

Nikki remained to be really pointless. I kind of hoped that Mika would somehow be involved in the main storyline as he’s a good wee actor, and has an interesting character. But Nikki remained as pointless as ever. Mika’s cousin Monica started well, but as she didn’t get involved in the main plot it was kind of hard to care. When Peter et al were trying to stop the virus from spreading it didn’t really seem to matter whether or not this one girl lived or died at that moment. Maybe I’m just heartless…

Right, this is another monster post, so I’ll summarise:

Claire/Flying boy: It got better once things turned rough, but it was a bit painful at first.

Liked the way Hiro dealt with Adam (made sense with the character, was rather amusing, and of course means that he could still be brought back if the writers feel like it);

Nathan: Didn’t actually do much, but will be sorely missed if he’s really gone (N.E.R.D. - that’s all I’m saying…)

Bob and Elle: Good additions, hopefully they’ll still be in it next year.

HRG: He’s a legend, he makes the show for me. 9.5 out of 10, with half a point deducted for the ridiculously bad overlay to make it look like he was in Minsk.

Maya: A strange one. Her power is kind of random, but it was a good new direction. And of course led to…

Sylar: When I saw the end of season 1 I was slightly disappointed they went for the Sylar surviving plot. I thought they had done all they needed to do with him, and that a new villain would have been good. But I was, of course, entirely wrong. Next season should be a hoot if he’s just going about causing trouble again. Zachary Quinto should be an awesome Spock too.

One final point to consider: Peter wanted to stop the spread of the virus to save Caitlin. But she was still in that future when he stopped Adam. So my question is this: was she magically transported back to her present when Peter changed the time-line, or was she still there in what was now an alternative future to Peter’s? If that’s the case then neither he nor Hiro would be able to go forward in time to save her. Or was she still a year ahead but in what would become Peter’s future?

Mmmm… confusing time-travel geekery.


3 Responses to “In a half-shell…”

  1. jimmythejam Says:

    Thoroughly agree with your point about hiring real Irish actors, hated Maya’s character, just STOP CRYING! It’s surely not that hard if you know people are going to die?

    Mohinder acted totally out of character in the last few episodes, the bit where he shot HRG wasn’t really explained very well in the show, though Heroes Uncovered made it a bit clearer. Agree that HRG is the best character. “Stings like a bitch, doesn’t it!”

    Overall it was a very rushed finale, they apparently only had 3 days or something stupid to finish writing it when the writer’s strike kicked off.

    They might try and explain what happened to Caitlin in the next series - I think we’d all prefer it though if they just pretended she never existed..

  2. Rich Says:

    Crap last episode, just watched it.

    What do you mean by N.E.R.D?

    Band from TV very good, apart from TERRIBLE cover of You Can’t always Get What You Want. Worst ever!!

  3. Rich Says:

    Oh, and liked the spinnach can at the end, nice nod to Popeye (probably).

    And another “Oh…” - the Band From TV song is COVERED in Autotune (software which keeps vocals in tune) - urg.

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