Weakly, round-up


Well, I’ve not written much this week, but I thought that I would do a quick summation to keep things ticking over:

Song of the week: The version of The Night they drove ol’ Dixie Down from the Last Waltz soundtrack. I’ve just wanted to listen to it a lot this week, but not sure why. Awesome every time…

Film of the week: Wanted - Possibly the only film I’ve watched, but still excellent, if you’re looking for some slightly ridiculous action. There’s loads of great fight sequences, not too much plot to get in the way, and yet it still manages to be smarter than your average Hollywood action film. I’m no film reviewer, but I put this down to the director Timur Bekmambetov. Okay, I’ve only seen one of his films, Nightwatch, but there were lots of familiar tricks and styles in Wanted. But I’m going to stop pretending I know what I’m talking about before I embarrass myself further. Basically, if you’ve ever enjoyed a violent, shooty, hitman film before, then you should really enjoy Wanted. Go and see it before all the cinemas replace it with Mamma Mia…

Worst trailer of the week: The Guru - Mike Myers takes one aspect of the Austin Powers character (ie the sex jokes) and tries to make an entire film around it. If the trailer doesn’t have a single funny moment, the film must be painful…

TV highlight of the week: I saw the episode of South Park when Chef gets killed. Funny, poniant, and really disturbing; what they do best I guess.

Fake of the week: Showing potential new flatmates round my flat, even though the room had gone half an hour earlier. I’d advertised online and a few people were due to come round on Tuesday night and take a look. However, by the time they arrived one of my mates had already agreed to move in. Oops.

Well, this left me with 3 options:

  1. Tell them when they turned up.
  2. Show them round and pretend that the room is still available, saying exactly what I would have said if this was the case.
  3. Show them round and pretend that the room is still available, while freaking them out so much with what I say and do that they have no interest in the room anyway.

Well the first option was out as I’m far too polite/chicken-shit to do this. I’d love to say that I went for the third option and could therefore write screeds about all the funny fake stuff I told them about the flat and myself (haunted bathroom, the drug den upstairs, my naked sleepwalking) but I was too scared to do this too. So I showed these people round, being all enthusiastic about the flat, telling them all about deposits and rent, the quiet neighbours and how great it is to have a cleaner. I felt rather guilty afterwards - all three of them genuinely seemed to really like the place (it is a very nice flat!) Aw well, only one of them would have been able to take it anyway, so I didn’t do anything that bad really. Honest.


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