Funny how?

People of Britain, heed my warning! I’ve just had the misfortune of watching some of the worst TV comedy I’ve ever experienced. In fact, 2 of the worst TV comedies I’ve ever experienced. Not since that ITV sitcom, you know the one, it was on ITV and it was shite - yeah, that one - have I seen such horrifically base, uninspired, insipid, and all-round easy comedy.

The programmes in question were Since You’ve Been Gone - a Nicolas Lyndhurst vehicle in which is in its second series somehow - and Lab Rats - a new offering from BBC2. Both are “traditional” sitcoms; filmed on a set, with an audience (or at least a laughter track) and, well, a situation.

Come with me now reader as we travel back to those fateful meetings where these abortions of common taste were conceived…


[In a boardroom somewhere in London. Some Suits sit round a table]

“Right, the BBC want something new, something funny, yet something safe; different, but still appealing to a traditional BBC audience.”

“Great! Let’s make another series of My Family.”

“We are making another series of My Family. No, this has to be different. Fresh. Innovative”

“Hmmm… well, how about instead of a normal family… we do a sitcom with an dysfunctional family.”

“Yeah, like The Simpsons?”

“No no no, a weird family.”

“Yeah, like the Munsters? Or the Addams Family?”

“No, I mean, an abnormal family structure. A family that, and I realise this is a bit out there, a family that isn’t made up from a mother and father and 2 or 3 children!!!”

[A shocked silence follows...]

“You mean, there’s something odd about the family? Maybe… they’re aliens!”


“Yeah, like Third Rock from the Sun.”

“Oh. How about… 2 mums living together?”

“Yeah, like Birds of a Feather? Or 80’s US sitcom Kate and Allie?”

“Oh. Then how about… there are 2 dads living together?

“Yeah, like in 80s US sitcom My Two Dads?”

“Right, so how about one dad looking after his kids on his own?”

“Yeah, like 90s US sitcom Blossom?”

“Sure, why not. We just need something extra… a foil for the dad to bounce off…”

“His wife?”

“Interesting, but I think that’s what we started with.”

“Hmmm… how about… his wife’s mother?”

“His mother-in-law? Brilliant! We’ve got it! With the mother-in-law, the dad, and the kids there could be all sorts of humourous misunderstanding due to the generation gap. Genius! That surely hasn’t been done before?”

“Right, we’ve only got 3 minutes before our next meeting, so let’s finish this off. The main guy is an everyman to appeal to the masses, we’ll get in Nick Lyndhurst or someone. But should we make his mother-in-law nice too?”

“Hey! I’ve got a great idea - let’s make her all stuck up and snooty. That would be hilarious!

“Great! And 2 kids, a boy and a girl for balance. Let’s make him wise-cracking and a bit geeky, and her a bit moany and slutty.”

“er… isn’t that the same as My Family again?”

“Yeah, but on one will notice as they’ll be too busy laughing at all the mother-in-law jokes. Wow… I really can’t believe that no one’s thought of this before…”


[It's now 2 minutes later. The same group of Suits are sitting round a different table...]

“Right, BBC2 are looking for a new sitcom. Any ideas?”

“Well, BBC2 viewers like things that are smart, but weird…”

“How about scientist geek types? They’re smart but weird?”

“Yeah, like in The IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory?”

“Yes. Like in them. But it’s lunchtime now so it will have to do…”

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4 Responses to “Funny how?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    No sitcom is as bad as My Hero

  2. Lee Lawson Says:

    This is a humorous look at how sitcoms are created within the BBC however there is a serious note that has been overlooked.

    For some time now I have been working as a torture device inventor for, on and off, the Khmer Rouge (or k-rouge as they like to now be known, something to do with getting in touch with the iPod generation), Al Qaeda (although they have terrible mobile phone signal in their HQ) and Microsoft. I trialed ’sitcom’ boarding treatment with little effect in the mid 90’s however I now have been exposed to ‘Lab Rats’ which I feel is the future of torture.

    As any professional in my field, I exposed myself to the sitcom for short periods to build up my resistance levels, however I only managed half an episode (the one with the giant snails!). I am still in recovery. I sometimes find myself sitting against a radiator hoping that someone would handcuff me to it. putting gauze over my mouth in the anticipation of some water. Nothing rids my mind of the images I encountered.

    I am a ruined man. I can no longer work in my chosed field. I need help. Even masturbation doesn’t excite me anymore!!

    I think I’m going to seek legal advice and bring those bas**rds down.

    all the best, love and kisses,

  3. The Bob Says:

    Thanks Andrew - although I think you’ll find that this is the worst sitcom ever. Although we’d all watch it if it was ever repeated…

  4. The Bob Says:

    Thank you Lee, it’s always good to hear from a professional in these matter; someone who truly understands the danger of such things.

    Oh, and thanks for naming 2 different evil organisations on my blog - that’s bound to get me more hits, from all the wrong people. The Khmer Rouge weren’t very nice either, especially as their leader went on to win the first series of Britain’s Got Talent…

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