Another year over…

Hello, and a Merry Christmas to you both.

I’ve not written anything for ages, as per usual, due to real life getting in the way. As I’m on holiday at the moment, however, I have no excuse. So I promise to write a whole bunch of pointless crap over the next few days.

For today however, I just want to stick my thoughts down about the last series of Heroes. I realise that neither of you probably watch it anymore, but I just feel the need to document my reaction to how they finished it all off.

(As ever, if you haven’t watched the whole of the “Villains” section of Season 3 look away now…)

Well, that was pointless. Basically with all that happened over the course of the series - Arthur Petrelli coming back, Peter losing his powers, Mohinder turning into the fly, Sylar turning good, etc etc - by the end of the last episode, nothing has really changed. Not only did all the major characters survive, but most of the new ones have been killed off leaving us right back where we started.

I think really we can put the whole thing down to a bad dream and move on. There were lots of good bits, and I very much enjoyed the last episode, but hopefully they sort themselves out for the next volume.

A quick note of seasons/volumes etc. According to Wikipedia (so it must be true) season 3 is split between 2 volumes - 3 and 4 - entitled “Villains” and “Fugitives” respectively. So “Fugitives” will still be part of Season 3, but a whole new story arc. The only real affect this has on us punters is that it will be starting in the States in February 2009 (when if it was a whole new season it wouldn’t usually be until after the Summer). The Internet doesn’t seem to want to tell me when it will be on here, but I’m sure the Beeb will keep us informed…

Anyway, let’s not dwell too much on the past; what will Season 4 be like? Well, it seems that Nathan, whose character stopped making sense about 2 years ago, has gone completely off track and has dobbed them all in to the President. But not just the President, but President Worf. If either of you didn’t notice, that was none other than Michael Dorn adorning us (sorry) with his Klingonian presence. Which is probably why we didn’t see his full face (cos of all the bumpy bits…)

A black President though? Didn’t 24 already do that? Oh yes, and the real world has done it too. Though I bet Mr Obama is less handy with a bat’leth. Probably.

With Nathan ratting out all the other main characters to the Feds I guess the next Volume will be about them all pulling together to help protect each other, fighting a common enemy, etc etc. Has this not happened a few times already? It also reminds me of Season 4 of Buffy, which was mostly about the US Government trying to get in on the paranormal action. And it was rubbish.

On the other hand it is also extremely like the rather excellent direction Marvel comics went in a few years ago, in a story arc called “Civil War”, the basic premise of which was that all the superheroes (Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, The X-Men, etc) had to sign onto a Government register, stating their real names and powers. Many of the heroes objected to this while others supported it whole-heartedly, leading to the titular Civil War. While this means that there are lots of exciting battles and such like between former allies, it also raises lots of interesting ideas around the idea of being a hero (like, if you destroy half a city while saving the world, who should pay for it?)

But I’m rambling now. In conclusion, hopefully Heroes manages to recapture some of the magic. It needs to have a bit more mystery than recent years, a bit more threat. We know that the main characters are safe, and even if they do appear to die they can always, ALWAYS be bought back to life/saved through time-travel/become another character entirely. A small cull might help with this. I would probably get rid of Claire, Angela, and Mohinder, and not bring back Sylar again (again). But I’d guess that Angela is the only one of the current cast that is likely to be scrapped.

Basically, I’ll probably still watch it but I’m not holding out much hope for the next 12 episodes. Hmm… I think I might start watching The Wire instead…

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  1. Heather Says:

    I have never watched Heroes, so hopefully your other reader has! I am also equally guilty of not blogging, having left a void in that particular space since the end of October. Never enough time…

    Oh yeah, and I tried the Wire, and it was shit. It seems the whole world plus Charlie Brooker disagree with me.

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