This pun’s for hire

I’ve decided to prove how pointless this blog is by having nothing of real value to say in this post. Instead, let us pun like there’s no tomorrow.

The game is this: taking the title of a well-known song and changing it so that it contains a place name. For example:

  • Surrey seems to be the hardest word (Elton John)
  • Godalming knows (The Beach Boys)
  • Devon is a place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle - with an unintentional extra)
  • Woking class hero (John Lennon)
  • I guess that’s why they call it Toulouse (Elton again…)
  • Danzig in the dark (The Boss)
  • Show me Hendon (er… can’t remember who it’s by, but you get the point)

I’ve got a stack more of these (you have been warned…) but for now I pass it over to you. I’m not expecting you to come up with these right away, but as you go about your daily lives look out for new ones and let me know, using the comments button below…


5 Responses to “This pun’s for hire”

  1. Sprout Trout Says:

    Surely the best one ever has to be:

    “I’m thining of you
    And the things you do for me
    That make me love you
    Now I’m living in Exeter.”

    Possibly funnier with a full stop after the third line.

    Or Coventry.

  2. Sprout Trout Says:

    Actually I take it back - the best ever one come from The Weather Girls and their 1982 hit “Israeli Men! Halleluia!”…

  3. Fizzbomb Says:

    One way ticket to Hull…and back! (The Darkness)

    This is fun!!! :-)

  4. The Bob Says:

    Not a song title, but I give you this (stolen from Robert Rankin):

    “Is this the real life,
    Is it just Battersea”.

    Class (although it will ruin that line for you forever…)

  5. Rich Says:

    Actually from Good Omens you fool!

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