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Summary of the week…

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

This week:

I have mostly been watching Huff: it’s pretty good, but doesn’t quite have the cleverness of something like Six Feet Under. I guess I’ll save my full judgement until the end of the series.

I have mostly been eating Bran Flakes.

I have mostly been avoiding any spoilers about the final episode of Doctor Who, which I managed to do. And it was worth it. Cracking stuff!

I have mostly been worrying about meeting potential flatmates next week.

I have mostly been reading the text commentary for Wimbledon on the BBC website. Very enjoyable, and a pity it’s over already. Good on Nadal, but I really wanted Federer to come back and win it at the end.
I have mostly been referencing the Fast Show. Mostly.


Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Hello, and welcome to my blog - The Blog of The Bob.

As you might have guessed, I am The Bob and this is my Blog. But who am I and what’s the point of this? Read on and hopefully neither of these questions will be answered.

First of all, I’ve decided to make this anonymous. The way I see it is that if you know me out in the real world then I don’t need to tell you who I am. If you don’t then you can get to know me through my ramblings without getting tied down by things like name, rank, and cereal numbers (bran flakes by the dozen mostly). I have a rather rare name and am entirely googleable (it’s a word…) and my job involves certain responsibilities and stuff which entirely restricts what I would be comfortable saying here. That said, I’m not here to express any particular opinions on religion, politics, history, culture, the youth of today, cricket, flavours of ice-cream, or animal husbandry (that’s farming, not marrying goats) so I don’t imagine there will be anything particularly controversial. It’s just easier this way.

(If you want to know less about me, check out the “About The Bob” link in the right-hand column)

Which brings me to the point of The Blog of The Bob: nothing at all. I’m just planning to write what comes to me, without too much editing or forethought. Ultimately this is so I can look back in 3 years time and think “wow, what a waste of my time…”

And now it’s your turn. I want you, the People of Internetland, to leave comments, requests, stories and complaints. Why should I do all the hard work? I might use this Blog partly to seek answers to things that I can’t be bothered looking up myself, and maybe for the occasional poll. But for now, why not leave me a wee message to say hello or to tell me what you did today, in 10 words or less. The best answer receives 10 points, and you know what points make…


As this is my first post, I’ve decided to put down what is going on in the world just now:


  • The Zimbabwe Presidential election is rather messy, to put it lightly (this probably doesn’t really narrow down when this was written…)
  • Oil prices are high and getting higher - this also doesn’t really help.
  • Gordon Brown is Prime Minister; Alex Salmond is First Minister; George W Bush is still President somehow, but not for much longer (Obama won the Democratic race about 2 weeks ago…)
  • Physics might, but probably won’t, kill us all.

Sport now:

  • Wimbledon has just started - my prediction is that Andy Murray will do okay, people will start to get vaguely excited about it, and then he will lose to someone who is actually better than him (like Nadal).
  • Euro 2008 is nearing the close, with the 2 semi-finals later this week (Germany vs Turkey and Russia vs Spain - my prediction is that Germany will beat Spain in the final. But more of this later…) It’s Summer, so England are probably losing at cricket somewhere.

TV and Entertainment:

  • Harold Bishop left Neighbours last week. I’m still in mourning.
  • Yet another series of Big Brother has just started, and I haven’t seen a single minute of it yet. I feel good about this.
  • Glastonbury is on this weekend, with acts including Gilbert O’Sullivan, Katie Melua and Neil Diamond. Your mum would love it. I’m not going, but I am seeing Radiohead on Friday (more on that later…)