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Give us this day our Daily Show

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Huzzah! The Daily Show is now free to view on Channel 4’s website. Click on this here link to get there, and tell them I sent you.

Actually, it’s been on 4OD for a while, but it cost £1 a show last time I checked. However, now we are all free to catch up on any episodes missed, and just in time for the election. Winner.

If you’ve never seen it before, shame on you, shame. Every episode manages to make me laugh out loud more than once, which is quite exceptional if you consider how quickly they must have to put it together. And how miserable a git I am.

To give you some background, The Daily Show (or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as it is officially called) has been running for years in the States, 4 days a week, and is shown here in Blightly on More4 the day after it’s aired in America. It’s technically a “fake” news show, although it has been said that people who watch it tend to be more aware of what is going on in the world than those who watch real American news stations. Most of the content is about politics, although at the moment that’s not very surprising. It’s also not exactly impartial, clearly favouring Obama over McCain, but who can blame them really.

Recent political guests include Obama himself last week (see the show from 30 October from my link above), Bill Clinton, and also Tony Blair about a month ago. But don’t let the politics put you off: recent film stars to appear, just from the past month or so, include Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, and Steven Martin.

Ultimately it is just highly entertaining, and if you are reading this then you clearly have 22 minutes to waste online. Go! Watch! Now!

Things can only get similar

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Once again I seem to have failed to write anything for a few weeks, and once again I seem to be apologising for it. So sorry, once again, for my lack of posts. To make up for it I will write 9 posts a day, every day, for the next eight thousand years. Honest.

Anyway, the main reason for posting or not is whether or not I have something to say. And quite frankly right now there is plenty to be said about world events (and more to the point, the new series of Heroes has started - more on that later…).

The big issue at present is of course the slow and delicate collapse of capitalism. Or so the media would have us believe. I am not going to write lots about this as I definitely know less than many people about this subject and don’t want to waste your time…

Actually, I tried to write something but ended up with 8 of the most banal, obvious, and embarrassing simplistic paragraphs you’ve ever read, and I had to delete them before I vomited in self loathing. Read this article and you will get an idea of what I entirely failed to even approach in saying. I even tried to write a mocking paragraph about how rubbish they were and it was almost as bad. Let us not speak of this again children.

Instead… I’ll talk about the American election! Hey, no one else has said or written anything on this! I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty of original and witty comments. Honet.

The point has been raised a number of times over the past 8 years that once Mr Bush is no longer the Big Man, the political satirists are going to have a much tougher time. Now, I’ll lay my fairly obvious cards on the table and say that I do want Obama to win, but if he does The Daily Show won’t be nearly as good for the next 4 years. Or will it…

Remember back, if you will, to 1 May 1997. The sun seemed to be just that little bit brighter than it had been for the past 18 years, and most people thought it was shining out of the arse of a certain Mr Tony Blair. Please try and remember this without cynicism - we all* thought that this really was going to be a great thing, a new Britain, possibly even a New Britain. Things could only get Better, etc etc.

Let’s also remember that since then we’ve gained a minimum wage, devolution in Scotland and Wales, er… ASBOs? Um… they repealed the law that meant you could be hanged for treason or piracy. Er, I’m sure there were a few other good things that I was going to mention but I can’t remember what they are now. The Olympics? Please use the comment box below to help me out…

But my point is that if Obama gets the comfy seat in the Oval Office it won’t herald a new dawn of common sense and fairness, greater freedoms and equalities, less wars and terror, a world where all of mankind work together towards a glorious future, of countrymen lending others their ears… you get the point. I just don’t think it will make a huge difference, that’s all I’m saying. That’s the problem with democracy - we spend all this time choosing who to put in charge and then we just complain when they get it wrong. But as someone clever sort (Churchill no doubt) once said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried.

Anyway, at least things can’t get any worse. Unless we end up with a certain President Palin.

(* apart from the 3 people in Surrey who actually voted Tory that year)

It’s not the end of the world as we know it (and I still feel like crap…)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

I guess I have to throw in my 2 (euro) cents about this whole CERN LHC thingy (if you know not of what I speak click here. And buy a newspaper/radio/TV).

Well, the world didn’t end, which was nice. Of course, the pedants among you will know that actually today was just the machine being turned on - the potentially universe-eating moment comes when they get 2 particles to crash into each other and, like, this whole mess of crap comes out (to quote Friends, of all things).

But it was nice to hear on the Radio 2 news this morning that the world was probably not going to end today (this is perhaps something that should be said more often).

The 1 minute story basically ran with the facts:

1. World’s largest science experiment starting today

2. To uncover the secrets of the Universe

3. Took years to build

4. Cost lots of money

They really should have stopped there quite frankly. But they added:

5. Might kill us all

6. Probably won’t

Unless you had already heard about the extreeeemely small potential for black holes they really shouldn’t have mentioned it. There’s nothing like being told that everything will almost certainly be okay to scare the bejesus out of people. They even had an expert to reassure us that the experiments would not destroy the Earth, as more volatile particles hit the planet every day. Who was this expert? Well, apparently it was Stephen Hawking, but quite frankly it could have just been Terry Wogan with a voicebox.

(okay, that was a cheap shot and I’m sorry)

However, I was wondering though if anyone took the whole thing to heart and started preparing for The End. You know the sort of thing - telling people they shouldn’t that they love them; committing crimes for a laugh; selling all their stuff and spending the money on that Amazing Spiderman issue 1 they always wanted, and then burning it.

For the record: I have always loved you, I would never do anything illegal, and I have nothing worth selling.

So if any of you did anything like this (or even considered it) why not leave me a comment below so we can all laugh at you. Hey, what does it matter if we do - the world might end tomorrow…