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Radiohead GaGa

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Yup, along with most of Glasgow/Scotland, I was at the wonderful Radiohead concert on Friday night. There’s actually not that much I can say about this - basically, the band were great, it rained but no one really cared, and much fun was had by all. A few thoughts:

  • Rain down, rain down…: Yes, it rained a lot, even for Glasgow. I saw Radiohead 8 years ago at Glasgow Green in this Big-Top style tent thingy, but this time it was outside. So we all got very wet. Including the folk with umbrellas as they got pelted with bottles until they took them down. Or on one occasion it got pulled down and ripped to pieces by an angry mob. Nice one.
  • Where do we go from here?: I found out that I really don’t know Glasgow at all. Despite working about 5 minutes walk from there, I’ve never actually been in the Merchant City before. I had agreed with my mates that if we got separated we would meet in a bar, but I was too embarrased to admit that I had no idea where it was. Luckily by the end I was still with my friend who has an iPhone, so a bit of interneting and we found our way. Very embarrasing (and I really want an iPhone…)
  • And that’s what really hurts: I gave one of my friends a piggy-back a couple of times so she could see better. My arms still hurt. How pathetic is that…
  • This, this is our new song: I have to admit that my favourite Radiohead album is still the Bends, but I do like the others as well (after a number of listens in most cases). It has to be said that on Friday the crowd definitely seemed to enjoy the older stuff more, which I guess is mainly to do with the nature of the music (it’s quite hard to dance along to things in 7/8). If I had to pick three standout moments (which I don’t) I would say  Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees, and er… probably Paranoid Android. Actually, ignore that - it was all good, I just like these songs. In fact, there were 2 songs that I had never heard before which were outragously good. One was apparently called Bangers and Mash (part of the extended version of In Rainbows apparently). No idea what the other was.
  • Show me the world as I’d love to see it: Finally, my thanks to jimmythejam in the post about my new glasses for his advice that I should take them with me.  I could indeed see far better, and the glasses are no worse for the experience.