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Scotland the Great (Britain)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Well, it’s all over. I am indeed writing on my blog tonight (clearly) but there was no exercise biking whatsoever. Shocking…

While we’re talking about moving about (or not) I guess I should throw in my tuppence about the Olympics. So far, I’m actually rather enjoying the whole thing. I’ve watched some swimming, diving, canoing, gymnastic-swinging-like-a-crazed-monkey, and judo. Which is not bad considering I’ve been asleep or at work while most of it has been going on (and no, I’m not watching it on the sly at work - our computers don’t allow us to have such fun).

It’s slightly annoying that we still seem to be hearing more about London 2012 than we are about Beijing 2008, but that’s the British media for you. The usual issue of Scottish people being British when they win has already raised its head too - David Florence was very much being called Florence of Great Britain today. Fairy nough really, that’s who he’s representing, but sometimes it’s rather irksome.

I actually have a slight problem with the whole national thing with The Games anyway. I can’t help but feel that it should be more about individual achievement rather than glory for your country. But this is probably all tied up with my whole hatred of Nationalism, which stems from studying too much 20th century history. But what with Russia and Georgia slogging it out over the past few days, and the general ill-feeling between China and America, it doesn’t seem very healthy to me to make it about the countries. Make it about the individuals and let them all join together in one big harmonious sporting mélange says I.

Is mélange the word I’m looking for? Never mind, moving on…

You don’t make films for your country (well, usually) or TV programmes. So why sport? You only make music for your country if it’s Eurovision, and that never ends well. Unless you’re ABBA or Cheryl Baker. Which you’re not.

I seem to have lost my thread entirely so I’ll end on a true story: One of my friends emailed me about my tea post yesterday, saying “I think tea drinking should included by [2012] - a true British past time. I could be in your “entourage” and be the guy that carries your tea leaves for you.”

I simply responded that he is more than welcome to be my tea caddy.

All too easy…

This pun’s for hire

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I’ve decided to prove how pointless this blog is by having nothing of real value to say in this post. Instead, let us pun like there’s no tomorrow.

The game is this: taking the title of a well-known song and changing it so that it contains a place name. For example:

  • Surrey seems to be the hardest word (Elton John)
  • Godalming knows (The Beach Boys)
  • Devon is a place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle - with an unintentional extra)
  • Woking class hero (John Lennon)
  • I guess that’s why they call it Toulouse (Elton again…)
  • Danzig in the dark (The Boss)
  • Show me Hendon (er… can’t remember who it’s by, but you get the point)

I’ve got a stack more of these (you have been warned…) but for now I pass it over to you. I’m not expecting you to come up with these right away, but as you go about your daily lives look out for new ones and let me know, using the comments button below…