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The week of The Bob

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Right, just time for a quick update:
Film of the week/month: Not a difficult choice - The Dark Knight.

There’s really very little I can say that hasn’t already been said by some fanboy on the Internet somewhere, so I’ll keep it simple. It is really good. My only perhaps slightly controversial comment would be that while Heath Ledger is outstanding as the Joker, it seemed more like an ensemble piece to me. Christian Bale manages to be a convincing Batman and Bruce Wayne, which is something that none of his predecessors ever managed for me. Michael Caine could have been a terrible choice as Alfred, but I just think he’s marvellous in this (as he was in Batman Begins). Maggie Gyllenhaal manages to be Not Katie Holmes, which is a good start, and is neither pathetic nor the plunky comic-book girlfriend that sometimes appears in these films. Morgan Freeman is just Morgan Freeman, and that is always spot on; Gary Oldman always pretends that he’s not Gary Oldman (I never seem to recognize him…) and that’s even better.

But it was Aaron Eckhart who for me who was outstanding, or perhaps I should say surprisingly outstanding. His character of Harvey Dent could have been nauseatingly All-American and entirely one-dimensional (Justice is good, let’s all be nice to each other, look at my shiny white teeth) as an obvious counterpoint to The Bat’s good-guy-with-issues routine. Having a quick peek at IMDB shows me that Mr Eckhart hasn’t had a glittering career up to this point, but I’m willing to bet that he might have a few more parts heading his way soon after that performance.

Hopefully I’ll see it at the IMAX sometime soon - apparently it’s so good people were actually gasping at certain points (and how often do you actually hear a crowd gasp?)

Place of the week: Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. I lived in Edinburgh for 9 years and never made it to the Botanics, but spent an enjoyable afternoon there yesterday. The great weather helped of course.

DVD release of the week: Spaced has finally been released in the States on DVD. If you know any Americans who you think would enjoy such comedy gold, why not send them a copy. Or at least a link to an appropriate online shop. Apparently, commentary includes contributions from such people as Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino. Weird world.

Personal victory of the week: Getting quoted on Radio 4. I shit you not. Check out Sunday’s Broadcast House about 20 minutes in. The bit with John Culshaw; when they read out the entry from Bob, Glasgow - that was me!

Okay, there are probably lots of Bobs in Glasgow, so I can’t actually prove this is me. But if you go to the BBC News website’s Magazine and then go to the Monitor pages (here’s a link in fact) you’ll see that actually the comment was left by The Bob, Glasgow. Huzzah!